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Easier Retrieval

Better Collaboration

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Document Storage Software

Learn about Document Storage Sofware and turn filing cabinets and document boxes into digital and handle files electronically.


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Document Version Control

Learn about Document Version Control and allow users to work on the same document without creating numerous and different versions. 


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File Management Software

Learn about File Management Software and manage data files using tracking software while creating a management strategy for your organization. 


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Easily Put a Mobile Workforce in Place with Cloud Document Management
Organizations in nearly every industry and government agency have been affected and challenged by the current global pandemic; it’s evident that robust mobile workforces are essential to keep organizations moving forward. The great news is that every employee, regardless of their location, can still thrive at their jobs using mobile devices. According to Deloitte, “Mobile devices are unleashing productivity and collaboration in the workforce, especially for the 70 percent of workers who don’t sit behind a desk every day.” 

A cloud document management solution means you don’t need to build a mobile workforce from the ground up - you only need an internet connection and any mobile device. When all employees are connected to this solution, they can work in sync and a wide range of processes can be carried out, including invoice processing, employee onboarding, production, order management, contract management, deliveries, and more. Here are eight reasons why you should implement a straightforward yet powerful paperless document management solution:

1. All documents are securely stored in a centralized cloud-based repository; top-of-the line data backups and redundancies ensure disaster recovery and business continuity.
2. Authorized employees can store and access the documents they need anytime, anywhere with any mobile device.
3. Custom digital workflows automatically route documents and tasks to multiple employees or departments to keep processes moving without delay.
4. Customers and external stakeholders can quickly submit requests via digital forms that get immediately stored in the database. Employees can then review time-sensitive material, resolve problems, and collaborate in real time.
5. Managers have full transparency on work-in-progress and productivity through monitoring task lists and viewing document audit and version histories.
6. Improve the functionality of other software in your IT landscape by integrating them with the cloud document management solution. Employees can pull up any documents while working inside other third-party applications, such as Outlook or an accounting software.
7. There is zero business interruption during implementation since cloud solutions are fast to deploy and easy to use and train on.
8. Cloud solutions offer cost-effective, budget-friendly subscription pricing models that lead to a definite ROI.
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