Providing Financing for Commercial Equipment and Technology Solutions

Are you looking to lease your office equipment or technology solutions? We'll be glad to show you the different options we have when it comes to get the best cost-effective program in the market. RDI Solutions offers the right leasing option for your business through our in-house leasing team (RDI Corp), or one of our Top-Notch financial partners.

Benefits of Leasing:


  • Upgrade Outdated Equipment
  • Always Have the Latest Technology
  • Lower Monthly Payment
  • Conserve and Control Cash
  • More Attractive Balance Sheet 
  • Purchase Option
  • Tax Savings

Our Leasing Partners


               Great America

                    RDI Capital




Are you in the market for a new equipment upgrade or new technology solutions?

We'd be happy to help. Call us at +1 212 2449480+1 212 2449480 or use our contact form.

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