Sharp and the Environment

Sharp wins Third consecutive SmartWay Excellence Award!

Sharp is a environmentally conscious company and is dedicate to conserve the environment.

Sharp has a Toner Recycling Program that offers our customer free shipping of Bulk cartons for the empty toners. Sharp will send to our customers a pre-addressed collection box that holds up to ten cartridges.

Bulk Recycling Kit includes:

  • 3 Pre-addressed Sharp cartridge collection boxes
  • All items for necessary proper shipment




For customers that use cartridges on a low volume basis, or do not wish to use the bulk collection/shipping option above, Sharp will provide all recycling services. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs to the recycler.

Send your recyclable items to:

Sharp Recycling
2051 Meridian Place
Hebron, KY 41048


Energy Saver


Sharp valuntarially became one of the 1st members of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWaysm Transport Partnership program.


ENERGY STAR®  is a Environmental Protection government-backed program that help the consumer protect the environment without compromising the quality of the product.


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